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Your Newborn Baby And His Senses

Once your infant is born he has a lot to learn, discover and develop. In his new surroundings it will help to comfort your little one if you stimulate his sense of hearing, sight and touch. Find out about these senses and how to stimulate them.. Seeing his first reactions should feel very heart warming.

His Sense Of Hearing.

Baby’s hearing is nicely developed by the time he is born, in fact his hearing becomes very sensitive in the final stages of pregnancy. Sounds outside the womb may have caused your baby to make sudden movements, did you spot particular noises made baby move around in your belly. The sounds that your baby hears in your womb will typically go on to comfort him when he is born. For example, the sound of your heart beating and the sound of your voice.

Use various pitches in your voice when you talk to you little one. Certain genanchor you played whilst pregnant could be familiar and soothing to your newborn. Your little one may identify certain sounds and feel really soothed. Talk to your baby in different locations and he may turn his head to listen. A great game you can play is, Obtain an empty kitchen roll tube, whisper into the tube positioning the other end near one of his ears, then the other.

Sense of Vision

Once your baby is born, his eyesight will gradually start to develop. Your newborn can only focus roughly 26 centimetres at first. This means that everything will seem blurry to your baby for a while. Stimulate her sense of sight by carrying him close to you. Especially when feeding, your baby will appreciate plenty of time studying your face.

Show your baby large bold black and white patterns to help stimulate your baby’s sense of vision as he will be able to notice the contrasts. There are many great toys and books designed for newborns with this in mind. Look as your little one studies these prints. Motion is also a great stimulator, try showing your baby a toy and slowly move it left to right. In time he will learn to following the toy using his eyes.

Sense of touch

Newborns have a lot to find out when it comes to sense of touch. Stroking and touching baby will be giving him an entirely new experience, one which he will soon get used to. A great way stimulate your newborns sense of touch is through baby massage.

Show your baby different textures like dimply and smooth, soft and silky to stimulate your growing baby’s sense of touch. Simple fabrics from around your home are good to demonstrate to your baby, stoking them on your newborns skin in a warm comfortable environment is an excellent way to stimulate your baby’s sense of touch.



Ways You Can Practice Positive Parent

You’ve probably heard of positive parenting, but if you haven’t, it’s a type of parenting wherein you focus on your children’s abilities and strengths as you raise them. However, this doesn’t suggest that you ignore the negatives like disruptive behavior. Every parent must address discipline problems as well as put certain limitations on how their children should behave. Today, though, our focus is going to be on the kind of parenting wherein positive behavior is encouraged and rewarded.

Part of being a positive parent is taking time out for yourself. If you are stressed out, you will not be able to give the right kind of attention to your kids. No one has unlimited energy or patience and parents have to learn how to take care of themselves as well as their kids. Taking care of yourself becomes harder once you have kids, as so much of your time goes towards their care and upkeep. However, you still need to make time for regular exercise, eat healthily, and sleep well. Don’t let yourself be under too much pressure for too long. Address the source of your stress at the soonest so you can get rid of your stress. When you take care of yourself, you’ll be a lot better at taking care of your children.

As much as possible, you want to be consistent when it comes to the rules and boundaries you set for your children. Obviously some rules are going to change as children get older. From time to time, you’ll have to adjust your approach on some things. All in all, though, consistency is something you must practice in relation to the rules you set for your kids to follow.

It’s also important that the adults in a child’s life are all on the same page when it comes to rules. You’ll confuse your children if you tell them one thing and your spouse tells them the complete opposite. You also want the other adults who are regularly in contact with your children to be made aware of your rules and boundaries, making it clear to them that it’s important they implement those rules as well when they’re with your kids.

Be aware of your child’s activities and the people he or she is with. The internet and cell phones can make it a bit complicated to do this. Nonetheless, you need to monitor your child’s online activities just as you would monitor where he or she goes when they step out of the house. This doesn’t suggest, however, that you spend every minute looking over your child’s shoulder. Monitor your child’s online activities, including the people he or she talks to. You need to do the same with your child’s use of his or her cell phone. Just because your child is home using the computer or texting with friends in his or her room doesn’t mean you have to let down your guard. It isn’t easy to practice positive parenting and as a parent, don’t be too hard on yourself if you make a mistake. When it comes to good parenting, it doesn’t just mean having children who don’t behave badly or you having infinite patience. Rather, being a good parent is taking an active interest in everything that has to do with your child. Try using the positive parenting tips above and you’ll be well on your way to becoming a good, effective parent.

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